Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Secure Risk Management

And Important Changes as to how the Salon will be Temporarily working.


Before coming to the Salon, we would ask and advise all customers to read through the Covid-19 Secure Risk Management. Pretty P will not take responsibility for any customers who may contract Covid-19, as we are following strict guidelines that the Government, Governing Therapists Bodies and Our Insurance company have laid out and must be adhered to.


Due to Covid-19 and Pretty P’s responsibilities, we have had to make adjustments as to how the Salon will operate to help minimise the risk of spreading the virus. We are hoping this will only be for a short period of time, but please be patient, as this is an uncertain time for all of us and the safety of you and your family members and Pretty P staff is what is most important to us all.


  • All staff have had training regarding Covid-19 and working within the Pretty P Salon.
  • Pretty P have provided all staff with the correct PPE equipment, due to not being able to follow the social distancing rules.
  • Pretty P have put into place, where possible, social distancing rules. This includes the waiting area, how many members of staff are allowed to work and how many clients can enter the Salon at one given time.
  • Pretty P have put into place new sanitation rules. This includes cleaning the Salon after each client and before the next client can enter the Salon.
  • We are putting in place a phase programme which will mean changes to treatments and procedures.  The phases will continue until we are certain that the safety of everyone can be certain. During this time we would ask you to be patient as we really do not want to open to then to be closed again a few days or weeks after.
  • Price changes on treatments. Due to the cost of extra PPE equipment and the need to allow extra time for cleaning in between treatments, some treatments have had to go up in price. These are listed on the services, so please take a look. This was the last thing we really wanted to do and we hope you understand our reasons for it.



Customer Advise and General Safety Procedures that are now in place:


Please read below and if there is anything you do not understand, or if you still have concerns, then please just contact Pretty P and we will be happy to answer all of your questions or concerns.


  • Booked appointments only, no walk in appointments at all. If you want to purchase vouchers or products, please either do this online or arrange over the phone with us.


  • Please do not come into the Salon, if you have been ill in the last 14 days, have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive or showing signs of Corona, or if you have been asked to isolate by the NHS. This also includes if you have been abroad in the last 14 days.

  • There is now a red/green entry sign on the door. If it is red, please wait outside (a covered waiting area is set up outside in case it is raining). If it is green, you can enter. If you see a customer leave, please still wait for the green sign to be turned over as cleaning will need to be done before the next customer enters.


  • On entry, you will be asked to place your belongings in a box. This will include anything that needs to be placed down, i.e. coat, phone, purse, keys. This box will be cleaned before the next customer enter the Salon.


  • There will be a marked sign on the floor by the reception area, we will ask you to stand there on arrival and leaving/for payment. Please do not lean on the reception area.


  • As we cannot put up screens, staff will be wearing masks and face shields. Staff will also be wearing gloves, unless a treatment prohibits this in which case thorough hand washing will be done. Disposable aprons will also be worn for any treatments in the small treatment room.
  • We would like all customers to pay by contactless if possible.  All receipts will no longer be given on paper but will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Staff will not be able to offer customers refreshments of any kind, so please provide your own if you feel you may need one.
  • Pretty P would ask that anyone in the vulnerable category, or anyone still shielding, to please stay away.  We are following all the rules, but we would not like to put anyone in any risk.
  • Your Client Information Card will still need to be signed on each visit to the Salon – this is in line with our Insurance Broker and their legal requirements. We will follow the necessary sanitation guidelines when asking customers to sign. You will also need to sign that you have understood the Guidelines and Safety measures Pretty P have put into place regarding Covid-19 and that you are happy to have your treatment at your own risk.
  • All staff have had training on all matters regarding Covid-19 and if any member of Pretty P staff feels that a customer is putting them at risk of contracting or spreading Coronavirus, please do not be offended if they ask you to leave the Salon and to rearrange your appointment. Pretty P understands this maybe a delicate situation for someone, but it is for the safety of everyone, so again please do not be offended.


Phase 1 of Opening the Salon:


  • One member of Pretty P staff and one client only in the Salon at one given time. Please do not bring any family members with you while you are having your treatment.
  • We are asking that all customers wear a mask upon entry to the Salon as due to the nature of our business we cannot keep to social distancing rules. If you come without a mask, you will be charged £2.00 to be provided with one. No treatment will proceed without one.
  • The Salon working hours will be restricted, this is due to minimising the risk of spreading the virus and to allow for the extra time needed for cleaning and breaks.
  • Restrictions on certain treatments. In this phase to minimise the risk of spreading the virus and following government guidelines only certain treatments will be offered. The treatments available are: Gels on Hands or Feet, Pedicures, Manicures, File & Polish, Hand & Arm Massage. Waxing (only Hollywood, Bikini & Underarms), Back Massage & Mini Back Cleanse.
  • All other treatments will not be available until the next 1 or 2 phases.


We are hoping Phase 1 will only be for a few weeks. The reasons behind this are, to minimise the risk of spreading and contracting the virus, minimise the amount of time in high risk areas of the Salon, to see if all the safety procedures are working and if there is a spike of the virus, then we can hopefully still stay open.


Phase 2:


  • Being able to book and offer more treatments from our menu.
  • Extend more working hours

Other than that, we will still be following Phase 1 above.


Phase 3:

  • Two members of staff and two clients at the same time.
  • Being able to offer all Pretty P treatments.

Phase 4:

Will be when we are all back to normal. The above are all measures that Pretty P have had to really think about, and these decisions have not been made lightly. We are following the government rules, so please do not ask for a sneaky treatment that we are not allowed to offer, as this puts members of staff under pressure and we do not want to offend anyone. Any of the above may need to be reconsidered and changed at any one time.  We are really not sure on the amount of times needed for each phase or if and when the government may change their policies but for your outstanding loyalty and understanding of the new way that the Salon is going to have to run for the time being, we thank you.

You will all be advised when each phase changes, or if we have to go back a phase, or if we have had to change any of the new restrictions due to safety precautions, so just keep an eye out for any emails we send out.


Again I would like to say please be patient, we are doing our very best.


Pretty P xx