Feel 1inaMillion Facials


Feel 1inamillion


Cleanse, tone, Dermaplane, Ice Globe Massage, Microneedling, Mask and LED Light Therapy.


Extra Love


Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, Ice Globe Massage, mask, LED Light Therapy


Man You're 1inaMillion


Bespoke Men's Facial. Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, or, optional Dermaplane, Ice Globe Massage, Jelly Mask.





All our 1inaMillion Facial Treatments are carried out by Robyn, our fully qualified and insured Aesthetician.                           


What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe, manual exfoliation procedure that gently abrades the top layers of skin using a medical grade scalpel. The treatment aims to make your skin surface smooth, youthful and radiant by removing the top layer of dead skin cells on the Epidermis. It is also used to remove the short vellus, non-terminal hairs from the face (the peach fuzz).



Luxury Dermaplaning.


Cleanse, Dermaplane, Ice Globe Massage, Medi-Grade Serum tailored to the individual's skin needs.








Mini Dermaplaning.


Dermaplane and Jelly Mask tailored to the individual's skin needs.

What is Microneedling?


Microneedling is the process of penetrating the skin with short, fine needles on a roller, in order to encourage healing, decrease wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and promote radiance. The idea of microneedling is to penetrate the skin using the small needles and therefore trigger collagen to respond to the injured parts. This will then allow the new collagen to fill in lines, and plump the skin as well as leaving an overall glow.






Microneedling and LED Light Therapy.


Dreamy Ice Globes


This treatment consists of a cleanse, serum, Ice Globe Massage, SPF Moisturiser. The benefits of this amazing treatment include: reduces redness and inflammation, reduces fine lines, shrinks pores, tightens skin, reduces facial swelling, soothes skin, increases Collagen and Elastin production and reduces puffiness under the delicate eye area.


LED Light Therapy


This is a painless, non invasive skin treatment where a person's face or hands is exposed to an array of red, blue and near-infrared LED lights. The treatment uses varying wavelengths of light to trigger the skin's natural healing processes to repair the skin. Commonly used for the treatment of acne, sun damage, wounds and other skin problems.  The treatment can either be carried out on it's own, or paired with any facial or hand treatments (please be aware that some treatments above include LED Light Therapy where stated).


Things to Remember

If you can, turn up with no makeup or jewellery on and with hair tied back from your face.






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