Every thing off from underneath, no hairs left

This treatment is done with both warm and hot wax. You can wear knickers, no knickers or be provided with paper knickers. Please do not wear your best knickers as wax will stick to them.

Basic Bikini


Bikini line only, just up to the knicker line.



Little hair left up top, everything else from sides and underneath is gone.

Full Legs


3/4 Legs


Just a little bit over the knee

1/2 Legs


Up to the knees

Full Arms


1/2 Arms


Just up to the elbows



If you have never had underarms waxed before what's stopping you? The results are quick. Really good to start in the winter months when growing your hair does not matter so much.





Side Burns




Stomach to Breast Line




Full Body


A Full Body Includes:

  • Full Legs,
  • Full Arms,
  • Underarms and Hollywood.

Any extras are more.

Pre Scrub & Moisturise


A Full Body Scrub followed by a Full Body Moisturise - a great way to prepare the body for either a Full Body Wax or a Spray Tan. Must be done at least 24 hours before treatment.


Things to Remember

Before coming for a wax there are a few things you can do to maximise the results. You can scrub and moisturise the area to be waxed for a few days before, but do not turn up for an appointment with moisturiser on as this can result in the wax not adhering to the body. You could treat yourself to a pre wax scrub and moisturise (must be done one or two days before waxing). Make sure you wear loose comfortable clothing as there is nothing worse than trying to get into your skinny jeans after a wax.

Up to 24 hours after a wax do not have a hot bath, swim, sauna, steam, sunbed or sunbathe. This is because the healing process could take longer and heat can irritate the skin.

Make sure after a wax you use a soothing lotion to help the healing process.

Ingrowing hairs are very common when you start waxing as the hairs become thinner and can struggle to come out of the skin. Scrubbing, moisturising and wearing loose clothing can help. There are certain products you can buy to minimise this or you may have natural products already at home which may also help. Please speak to your therapist if this is happening and they will be happy to advise.


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