Eve Taylor Hug In A Bottle Diffuser Blend 10ml.

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Brand: Eve Taylor
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What more can we say about this amazing blend other than it does exactly what it says on the bottle!

For people who are suffering with anxiety, low moods, peri-menopause, emotional needs of feeling overwhelmed or dealing with a bereavement.

Ideal for when you need to be pampered.

Allows your burdens to ebb away.

Contains a rich exotic blend of East Indian Sandalwood and moist Brazilian Rosewood, together with the luxury of Damask Rose.

You can purchase the diffuser blend for £9.00, or you can purchase the blend plus an Aromatherapy Bracelet for £12.50 (Aromatherapy Bracelet sells at £6.00 if purchased separately).

You simply add a few drops of the diffuser blend to the Lava stone and then throughout the day you can inhale the wonderful aroma and give yourself a boost of comfort and reassurance. 

Ideal for those who are thinking of returning to work, school, college or University after working from home - will give reassurance and help with feelings of anxiety (diffuser blend should only be used with extreme caution if under 12 years old and should never be applied directly to the skin by anyone).

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