Body Treatments




Body Microneedling

£50 per session

Body Microneedling is used to promote healing, skin regeneration and hydration across the body. We use Microneedling (dermo-roller) to create micro-traumas in the skin, which stimulates natural Collagen production which then creates firmer, smoother skin andf heals scars such as stretch marks, scars and deep wrinkles. 

Results usually show between 3-6 sessions, depending on your skin and the severity of the scarring. The pain is minimal, but you will feel a slight scratching on the skin. Some areas of the body will be more sensitive than others.

Areas available for treatment are: stomach, top of thighs and hips, top of arms, neck.

Luxury Back Cleanse


This is like giving a deep facial to your back. Helps with problematic skin especially designed for the back area. Can treat acne, spots and blackheads. Treatment involves cleanse, scrub, steaming, removal of black heads, tone, mask and relaxing massage.

Legs, Bums & Tums Detox


This massage is designed to target those problematic areas of the body which includes, legs, thighs, buttock and stomach area. It's beneficial for cellulite type deposits, fluid retention and poor circulation.








Things to Remember

Before coming for a massage treatment there are a few things you could do so you can get the best results. Wear comfortable clothing, no jewellery and hair should be put up or off the face. For massage treatments you maybe asked to remove some items of clothing. You will be made as comfortable as possible before treatment starts.

Try not to have too much of a heavy meal before treatment and ensure you have been to the toilet, there is nothing worse than wanting a wee break during a treatment!

Please do not turn up intoxicated as the therapist has the right to refuse treatment, this is for your own safety.

After treatment you should drink water little and often as most massages can dehydrate you. Eat light meals and try to relax to optimise and get the best results from your treatment. It is normal after massages to feel tired or get a headache. If this is the case try to relax and try to stay away from taking any pain relief as you will be putting toxins back into your body. We also advise not to drink alcohol, take drugs or drink caffeine for at least 24 hours. For a few days after a massage you may also feel like you have done a couple of rounds in a boxing ring. This is a normal feeling due to toxins coming out of your body and the way the muscles have been relaxed.


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