Spray Tan

A Spray Tan can give you that holiday glow all throughout the year, pre holiday prep or for that special occasion

Make Up

Full Spray Tan


Our Tan Truth Spray Tan is a lovely natural tan, giving you that holiday glow without the holiday.

Make Up

Pre Scrub & Moisterise


Pre Scrub is a great way to get ready for your full body spray tan. It must be done at least 24 hours before treatment.


Things to Remember

A few do's and don't before attending a Spray Tan. Turn up in loose dark clothing, nothing tight around ankles or wrists and preferably with flip flops to wear home. Come completely clean of makeup, moisturiser, deodorant and perfume, as these can act as barriers with the tan. Hair needs to be tied up away from the face and all jewellery removed. Do not shave on the day - any shaving should be done at least the day before. You will need to remove clothing before tanning, so either wear something that you are comfortable in i.e a pair of knickers or bra or disposable underwear can be provided. Or if you are brave enough, go completely naked, its absolutely up to you. Just remember the tan does go onto clothing but it does normally come out in the wash, however this cannot be guaranteed. Also, bring an umbrella if it is raining to protect yourself from salon to car and then car to home.


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