Full Body Massage


This massage uses soothing, relaxing oils to take all your worries and aches away.

Back & Shoulders


Helps relieve stress and tension in your back and shoulders. Lasts approximately 20mins - just what you need after a long day.

Hot Stone Full Body


Using soothing oils and heated Basalt Stones. Can help detox, heal and increase lymph flow to flush out toxins and boost circulation.

Relaxing and Calm.

Hot Stone Back


Release stored tension and recharge.

Can help with muscular pain, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, insomnia and depression.

Lava Shells Full Body


This relaxing treatment uses heated Lava Shells to deliver a seamless massage of warmth and touch.

Promotes extreme relaxation, reduces stress, improves circulation, improves skin appearance, reduces tight, tense muscles.

Lava Shells Back/Shoulders


Heated Lava Shells are used to release stored stress/tension, improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Scalp Massage


15mins of a relaxing scalp massage bringing your blood flow and circulation to the scalp. Great way of conditioning your hair.

Indian Head Massage


Concentrates on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Helps to re-balance your whole body with a sense of calming.





Dry Body Scrub & Massage


A Full Body Scrub done with a natural sisal brush, followed by a relaxing massage. This scrub stimulates and increases blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and decreases stress levels. Effectively reduces and removes toxic cellulite deposits giving your skin an increased glow.

Hand & Arm Massage


A nice gentle massage of hands and arms. Can help with muscular pain, rheumatic and arthritic conditions. Or just a nice way of finishing a manicure.

Foot & Leg Massage


Helps relieve tired aching legs and feet. Great for people who regularly exercise or after a long day on your feet.

Sugar Body Exfoliation


Helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Helps to improve the appearance of your skin. After showering, this treatment will be followed by a soothing massage.


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage


An Aromatherapy Massage is a type of Swedish Massage which uses essential oils (highly concentrated from plant oils). The main focus is relaxation and mindfulness. During an Aromatherapy Massage you inhale the essential oil molecules as well as absorb them through your skin. The oils that are used will be chosen by you depending on your needs at the time of the massage.


Things to Remember

Before coming for a massage treatment there are a few things you could do so you can get the best results. Wear comfortable clothing, no jewellery and hair should be put up or off the face. For massage treatments you maybe asked to remove some items of clothing. You will be made as comfortable as possible before treatment starts.

Try not to have too much of a heavy meal before treatment and ensure you have been to the toilet, there is nothing worse than wanting a wee break during a treatment!

Please do not turn up intoxicated as the therapist has the right to refuse treatment, this is for your own safety.

After treatment you should drink water little and often as most massages can dehydrate you. Eat light meals and try to relax to optimise and get the best results from your treatment. It is normal after massages to feel tired or get a headache. If this is the case try to relax and try to stay away from taking any pain relief as you will be putting toxins back into your body. We also advise not to drink alcohol, take drugs or drink caffeine for at least 24 hours. For a few days after a massage you may also feel like you have done a couple of rounds in a boxing ring. This is a normal feeling due to toxins coming out of your body and the way the muscles have been relaxed.


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